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When a juvenile is accused of a crime, the criminal process is very different than in adult court. The juvenile crime is called an act of delinquency and requires juvenile court intervention to correct the delinquency. The following types of behavior often subject juveniles to juvenile court jurisdiction in Texas:

- Underage alcohol consumption or possession
- Drug use
- Arson
- Traffic violations, including speeding and driving without a license
- Assault and battery
- Shoplifting or theft
- Gang-related activities
- Trespassing
- Sexual misconduct

Texas juvenile courts have their own special rules and procedures. Juvenile rights in court are different than adult rights. For example, in many cases juveniles do not have a right to a public court proceeding. Notwithstanding these differences, juveniles are entitled to receive full notice of all charges against them, the right to a fair hearing, and the right to confront witnesses. Not only are the rules and procedures different from adult court, but defense strategies in these cases require special considerations that are unique to juvenile law, including the options available at sentencing. Depending on the offense, punishments may vary from probation to incarceration in a Texas Youth Commission detention facility.

I know juvenile law and ensure that the rights of our juvenile clients are fully protected in court.We advise clients in areas ranging from truancy violations to violent felony-level offenses that end up in adult court, and handle issues involving:

- Adjudication Hearings
- Disposition Hearings
- Detention Hearings
- Certification Hearings
- Court and Jury Trials
- Sentencing
- Probation
- Juvenile Stipulations
- Juvenile Programs
- Revocation / Denial Of Driver's License
- Expunctions

Criminal accusations involving juveniles MUST receive the same level of attention as adult criminal charges. Juvenile laws are located in the Texas Family Code, however, simply hiring family law attorneys to represent them in juvenile court may be a huge mistake. Call me now to discuss you, or your child's case.

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